Dog Bathing at Canine Retreat

Canine Retreat provides a luxurious dog bathing service. Pick up a clean and great smelling dog after you’ve been away. You and your dog deserve it!

We pamper pets with the highest quality shampoos and conditioners. This is a one on one service where we pay exclusive attention to your pet. Reserved for our daycare and boarding clients only.                                 

Includes: Brush Out (15min.), Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning, Shampoo, Conditioner, Dry, Cologne

Small Park Dogs$30
Large Park Dogs < 80lbs.$40
Large Park Dogs > 80lbs.$50

Add-On Services

Teeth Brushing $10
Flea Treatments$15
Medicated Baths      (owner’s shampoo)$15

*All dogs will be ready to go home by 2PM. Boarding pick-up time, without incurring additional half day of daycare charge, will be extended to 3PM. 

**All dog baths need to make an appointment. Must be a current client here for daycare or boarding. Click HERE to get started.

***Dogs that require additional time, difficult dogs, de-matting, extra brushing etc. will not be completed and it will be requested that you take them to your groomer.