Dog Boarding

Overnight Boarding at Canine Retreat

Right now we’re offering a limited time FREE night stay with Canine Retreat! First time clients only. 2 night minimum stay. Offer valid for 1 month from successful social evaluation.

At Canine Retreat our loving attendants sleep in the park with the dogs so they’re never alone! At the end of the day, we put out blankets and beds and help the dogs pick their favorite spots to curl up and sleep after an active and fun day with their friends.

Your dog will quickly start to realize that when you’re going on a trip, they’re getting a treat – a Canine Retreat! 

To get started with guilt-free travel, fill out a REGISTRATION FORM and then call us at 310-530-0800 to set up a FREE Social Evaluation day!

Overnight Boarding at Canine Retreat

Boarding Requirements: Current vaccinations and a successful social evaluation. See GET STARTED tab for important details.

Drop-off: Drop-off time is between opening and 12pm. This helps to ensure that the dogs have enough time to play and expend their energy so they are ready for a restful night of sleep.

Pick-up: Pick-up time is by 12pm on the day of departure. Pick-ups after 12pm incur a charge for an additional half day of daycare. Paying for the additional daycare enables you to pick-up anytime before close of business that day.

Baths: Please let us know in advance if you would like to schedule a bath. Pick-up time will be moved to 3pm without incurring half day of daycare charge.

Feeding: In order to minimize upset tummies, we strongly recommend you bring your pet’s food from home. You should pack more food than normal for each meal during longer stays, especially for active dogs. Meals needs to be individually bagged. Upon arrival, we label each individual bag with the name, date and meal time.

Breakfast and dinner service is included with boarding. Lunch service can be scheduled for dogs under 1 year at no cost. For dogs over 1 year, lunch service can be scheduled for $2 per meal. We charge $1/cup for feeding our ‘house’ food (non grain-free puppy and adult Fromm).